Victoria Concordia Crescit and Latin in English football

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Every football fan will know that the crest is a vital part of any football club. Although they are used to identify clubs from one another, the badge represents the club’s history and has links to the area where the club is based.

The current Manchester City badge references the Mancunian ship symbol and the red rose of Lancashire. This is just one of many examples available in leagues such as the Premier League, a league which has multiple football betting odds available on match days.

Although it’s a rare occurrence, some clubs feature Latin mottos on their crests. For example, Everton feature the motto “Nil Satis Nisi Optimum” on their crest, which translates to “Nothing but the best is good enough”. This is just one badge of many throughout world football that still feature some sort of motto on their badges.

Although there is a lot of history in every football badge, quite a few clubs have recently been drastically redesigning their badge to make their ‘brand’ more recognisable worldwide. The most drastic redesign occurred a last year when Italian club Juventus revealed their new crest. For over 100 years almost all of Juventus badges featured an oval crest enclosing black stripes, and either a bull or zebra as the animal of choice. Juventus’ new stylised ‘J’ logo has angered many fans who question why the new crest is so radically different from previous logos.

Although other redesigns may not be as radical as Juventus’, there have been other designs that have removed key and important parts of the previous design – including club mottos. In 2002, we removed our “Victoria Concordia Crescit” motto which had been a key part of our crest for the previous 53 years. The board claimed the change was necessary for the club to move forward, but many fans were unable with the change and the removal of the Latin motto.

In recent seasons Everton removed their motto from the badge, but this was quickly reinstated the following season due to backlash from the fans.

If you’re a football fanatic then you’ll probably be familiar with a lot badges from different clubs all around the world. Every club has their own unique badge, and some of them feature some Latin mottos. Latin mottos may be a rare occurrence in the modern game, but if you’re familiar with football badge then you should perform fairly well in this quiz. Give it a try and see how many you can get correct?



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