Testing Times and Doubtful T(h)omases!

September 13, 2011 by  - Filed under Arsenal FC, Champions League

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I have to say that, in the past three decades at least, I have not witnessed a time when, in the great scheme of things, games could be more meaningless and yet so damned important. I know that there have been much more important games over that time such as the Champions League final against Farcalona, title run-ins, the odd FA Cup final, even those last few games of the Invincible season when you just knew we were going to throw away the chance to rewrite the history books away with a stunning... 

What A Difference A Day 5 Signings Makes

September 11, 2011 by  - Filed under Arsenal FC, Premier League

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Firstly, an apology. Sorry for not being around this week but, in mitigation, a cleverly placed 20 litre water bottle, a wet, slippery tiled floor and my ribcage got into a bit of a fracas and, well, to put it bluntly, two of my ribs lost…BADLY! So, a week on the sofa put paid to my desperate desire to write something predicting a resounding thumping of Swansea today… So, broken ribs and a week of bed rest turned out to be a stroke of luck because now I can now sit here and write about how I... 

You Can Please Some Of The People…

September 1, 2011 by  - Filed under Arsenal FC, Transfers

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…some of the time, but if you are Arsene Wenger or Arsenal Football Club you will struggle to please pretty much anybody, anytime these days! Seriously folks, yesterday saw the final tally of signings in the past week cruise to a lofty 5 and for the day an insanely intense and indescribably inciting more than 3 and less than 5! Got that?! We signed four whole players on the final day of the transfer window! Transfer window totals make even more crazy reading: 11 players out the door, 9 players... 


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Ok, so the title isn’t too imaginative, but let’s be totally honest, we did lose, we looked lost on the pitch and we appear more and more lost as a club. I am sure that you all saw the “game”, but a quick recap should get us all on the same page. I think that we can literally do this by the numbers: 8-2 – That was the final score today at The Theatre of Dreams. Ok, I know how much fun it is to call it “The Theatre of Debts”, but I am actually going to pay a far superior, far more... 

Young Lion Bars or just Kiddie Kats?

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Before we begin anything even reminiscent of a pre-match review, let’s get one thing out of the way… I am NOT a knee-jerk, sack the board, sack Arsene and burn the ground to, well, the ground kind of supporter of the mighty Arsenal. Yes, I am utterly passionate, to a fault I would suppose, but I would describe my relationship with Arsenal as a love/love relationship. I love them in the good times and I love them in the bad, regardless of how frustrating that may be. I live and die vicariously...