We deserved this one and we responded well

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Weekends come and go, we all look forward to the game at the weekend and before you know it it’s Monday morningand you have to be at work, witha hangover for some of us. It was a good weekend for me, it all started with Everton taking on Man U at midday, I watched the game and thought it would nice for Everton to beat Man U but then the score line looked 1:3 and I changed the channel. Without knowing the final outcome of the game I prepared my self to watch us take on dirty Bolton and dirty they were don’t you think?

First half was a bit nervous I would say, we scored first with a bit of a mix-up in the box Jack crossed the ball in and Koscielny made it 1:0 with a simple tap in but only for him to make a mistake at the other end with some sloppy passing, by that time we should have been at least 4:0 up where Arshavin had a chance after chance unfortunately it wasn’t his day, as much as he tried there was no end product there. I do have to say he worked his socks off so I will let him off here. Fisrt half ended in 1:1 and I felt we needed to improve after the break.

Second half saw a much improved and goal hungry Arsenal side, the game became more physical at that moment and Bolton reverted to some nasty challenges and in the 64th minute Gary Cahill was sent off for a tackle from behind on the man who scored moments later. Chamakh’s header put us in front again after Cesccrossed the ball into the  six yard box, Alex Song withsome clever ball control and a brilliant flick got the third few minutes later. I did go for a 3:1 correct score line withthe bookies but Cesc with a brilliant through ball found Carlos Vela who smashed a low shot and made it 4:1 ultimately making my profit go down the drain. Never mind as I enjoyed this ride very much and three points are more important than anything else.

Bolton should have had another red card or even two, Kevin Davies on purpose clashed heads with Koscielny but referee Stuart Atwell waved it off, that would of been his second yellow and he should have joined Cahill in the dressing room. What happened later was a complete disgrace, Paul Robinson should have seen a straight red after his malicious leg braking tackle on Abou Diaby, for me the linesman had a clear view of the incident and should have done something about it. How on earth the FA allow a Phantom Goal referee in the Priemier League is just beyond a joke. Diaby replaced Jack and only lasted few minutes and was replaced by Denilson, after the tackle Diaby wasn’t happy one bit and I fully stand by him on that one, I would definitely do the same thing. This tackle could have ended his footballing career and Atwell should be dropped to Sunday league games, his atrocious mistakes should be punished and should never be allowed in top league games. I only hope and wish Diaby a speedy recovery to his best!

Diaby is one lucky man

We saw some good individual performances on Saturday no doubt and it looks like our Captain is on his way back, he got three assists and should have probably scored himself. It’s nice to see him coming back to his best. Everyone had a really good game, hopefully Arshavinwill start scoring soon and with Chamakh up front we have definitely an aerial threat we haven’t had in ages. After checking the results after the games it was a nice suprise to see that Everton came back to 3:3 and made my Saturday afternoon even better.

Champions League here we come, till next time everyone.


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  1. Randy Pena on Mon, 13th Sep 2010 12:27 pm 

    Hello. I was reading someone elses blog and saw you on their blogroll. Would you be interested in exchanging blog roll links? If so, feel free to email me.


  2. Heather on Fri, 25th Sep 2015 9:16 am 

    Our Next 5 premiership games deiceds whether we will win the title or not.Jan16 Bolton v Arsenal 27 Aston Villa v Arsenal 31 Man Utd v ArsenalFeb7 Chelsea v Arsenal 10 Arsenal v LiverpoolMost of our first team are injured now. We need the players in top form NOW!!!Wenger should not question buying at least a strong technical striker and another versatile player that can play both DM/CB, like a YAYA toure (he made a statement recently of being disappointed that Wenger opted not to finalize the deal a few years ago).If in the next 5 games we do not get at least 11 or 12, we wont win the league. This is straight up fact, and if people don’t see it, they are just ignorant or don’t know shit about football.It is now the time that we need players to be fit and in top form, and this is where we have been crashing for the past 3-4 years.I know financial crunch..blah blah.. but the owners say we have money to spend, so Arsene should spend it rightfully to improve the team. We don’t pay them high prices for tickets and to watch matches, so the money gets invested in the future. We spend it so we can see it now.It is factual that there are strikers better than Bendtner, wingers better than Walcott, midfielders better than Diaby, defenders better than Campbell, that are available and that we can afford to buy, and that will actually improve the quality of the team (ie. ARSHAVIN).I sometimes think Wenger just makes the signings to please fans, ie Sylvestre (I mean, why would your number 1 rival sell you a player for so cheap? It is because he sucks) and Campbell, well I think his age has got to him now. Wenger is DREAMING that Djourou will become fit and be the “dominant” 3rd center back/replacement for Gallas next year. We pay for results NOW, and we need it NOW, and we need players NOW!

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