Should Wilshere play this summer?

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Upon reading the headline of this article, the response can likely be summed up with one word. No. Jack Wilshere is being lined up to play for England’s under-21 side this summer in the European Championship, with England boss Fabio Capello and his U-21 counterpart Stuart Pearce eager to take full advantage of his talents and Premier League experience at the tournament in Denmark .

Most will take the position that Wilshere is in danger of burning out in his breakthrough season, and would be better resting up ahead of what is likely to be a very busy 2011/12 season for the talented youngster.  English players play more games in a shorter amount of time than their European rivals, so surely the choice is obvious?

Gary Cahill offered a unique insight when he spoke to the media earlier this week about his experiences with the U-21 squad. Having taken a similar journey he now finds himself in contention for a regular place in England’s senior squad, and believes Wilshere could benefit from a summer abroad.

“Having the experience at the different levels has been massive for me and everything you do is very similar all through the age groups.” The Bolton defender said.

“The way that you do things, the training and the style of play, is very similar so it definitely helps you.”

“Obviously there’s more pressure at senior level, but it has definitely stood me in good stead in terms of the Under-19s and Under-21s that I was involved with.”

“The Under-21 finals in 2007 certainly did. As much as I didn’t play as many games as I would have liked to, the general atmosphere and experience is pretty similar to the senior tournaments.” He added.

After all, it didn’t do Lionel Messi much harm playing in the 2005 World Youth Championship, and the little magician now dominates the Argentina 2011 side, and the vast majority of the current England side has represented England at a lower age group.

Although Wilshere has lined up against the likes of Barcelona and Manchester United this season, Cahill offers some food for though. Perhaps Wilshere would benefit from gaining experience from playing at U-21 level, adding as many strings to his bow while it is still possible before he is thrust further into the limelight and away from the U-21 scene.

Obviously Arsene Wenger will be wary of the midfielder returning to pre-season training either injured or worn out, and Capello has warned of fatigue and released players from his England squad because of the cramped fixture list, but a player who has been fast-tracked from relative obscurity to being hailed as the future of both Arsenal and England, could find an opportunity to play more competitive high standard football a valuable one. Think of it as ticking the boxes on the way to the top.

Wilshere himself is keen to play, and knows that playing in an international knock-out tournament against the players he is likely to come up against in the near future for the senior side and in European competition with his club side. Arsenal will benefit from a more rounded player, and if he returns without any injuries then they will reap the rewards of a player on the up.


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  3. Brytany on Fri, 25th Sep 2015 9:11 am 

    Great news, I wouldn’t epcext to see him play tomorrow, and if he does maybe a 10-15 minute slot if we are winning comfortably. I don’t see the point in putting him through too much in his first game back, another week of training will do him the world of good.The Carling Cup game against Reading is an ideal comeback..It’s been a long time coming. Holy shit a midfield trio of Arteta, Wilshere and Cazorla is a knicker wetting thought. It’s got a great balance of creativity, discipline and box to box energy… 31 1

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