Let’s Win One For Cesc

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They say that the truth always comes out in the end and, even if we knew why Cesc was leaving, and not just because of his DNA, I don’t think that we needed to hear it quite so soon, indeed if at al But hear it we have…

“I still have many feelings for Arsenal, but I fear that they won’t be able to push the other big clubs in England away.

“If you look at the team this season I can’t see them finishing in front of teams like Manchester United or [Manchester] City, or Chelsea. There’s just too big a difference between the squads.

“I respect that Arsenal don’t have the same financial opportunities as the others, but it was part of my decision to leave that I find it hard to see Arsenal winning the Premier League or Champions League in the near future.”

Speaking to Sport magazine, Cesc decided it was time to explain why he REALLY left Arsenal for Barcelona. Yes, we know all about his Barcelona roots, yes we know that they made it almost impossible for Arsenal to keep him with their media campaign of shameful behaviour and yes we know that they are one of the of the greatest footballing sides to have ever played the game, so why couldn’t we simply leave it at that? Why, when things are just starting to get back on track, does our ex-captain and general hero have to admit that, in reality, he left because he didn’t much fancy the challenge of actually having some stiff competition and preferred to swan off to Spain where there are only actually two decent clubs.

Essentially, Cesc has as good as admitted that he would rather play for Celtic or Rangers than play for us!

Don’t believe me? Try tis for a quote then…

“I want to be in a club that is able to win the big titles year after year and I don’t see that kind of future for Arsenal.”

Ok, ok, I may have been a little facetious there! Yes, I know he doesn’t want to play for Celtic or Rangers really; in fact, he wants to win the “big titles” of which the SPL clearly is not one. That would make sense, but what happens if, heavens forbid, Barcelona don’t win La Liga or the Champions League this year? What happens if they don’t win either of them next year either? Will he go to Real Madrid? Manchester United? Manchester Citeh?!??!

With this kind of mentality you simply cannot rule it out.

Well, I think that there are a few things that your short years have yet to teach you about the world of football my Catalan amigo. Let me enlighten you…

There was once a club called Blackburn Rovers who in 1995 won the league title beating out huge clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and 16 others to become the 3rd ever winners of the Premier League. The season prior to that saw them finish second and the season prior to that saw them finish a respectable 4th. Prior to that they spent 26 years outside of the top flight of football, only being promoted after local steel baron, Jack Walker took over the club and injected millions of pounds into the club.

With a line-up including Alan Shearer, Chris Sutton, Tim Flowers, Graeme Le Saux, Tim Sherwood and Colin Hendry, Blackburn were clearly buying the success that they were enjoying, but they obviously didn’t care and surely nobody could ever stop them anyway…


Fast-forward to 4 years later and the very same club found themselves getting relegated, one season after being in the UEFA Cup and, at the start of the season at least, were tipped as title contenders.

Now jump to today and Rovers find themselves 19th in the table and their fans are planning a “sack the manager” protest prior to Saturday’s game against us!

In other shocking news, Brian Clough ceased to be able to walk on water and his Nottingham Forest European Cup winners are now just a scribbled note in the marginsof history of this wonderful game. Anybody want to talk about Aston Villa, also European Cup winners? Ipswich Town, UEFA Cup winners? Manchester Citeh who until recently had gone 36 years without a trophy but were previously league, FA Cup, League Cup and UEFA Cup winners and considered to be one of the biggest teams in the world? We could even bring Liverpool into this who in the 70’s won half of the league titles on offer and in the 80’s went one better winning no less than 6 out of 10. In the same to decades they also won 3 FA Cups, 4 League Cups 2 UEFA Cups and no less than 4 European Cups. Surely their reign would never end?!

Now, I am not suggesting that this will happen to the likes of Barcelona anytime soon and I am aware that Chelsea have been able to buy success for a much longer period than the “flash in the pans” listed above (Liverpool NOT being included in that, obviously!) due to their “Sugar Daddy” having a much longer set of zeroes in his bank account and, perish the thought, it doesn’t look like he is going to pass away any time soon as did the late Jack Walker in 2000. I am also keenly aware that the resident Sheik and Vac owner of Citeh is probably not the least bit interested in how much he has invested in the club as he is literally playing his own version of “Soccer Owner 2011” and will undoubtedly find himself feeling big and proud and happy and all puffy-chested when they finally do buy themselves a league title or even a Champions League trophy.Manchester United, for all their “troubles” continue to spend vast sums on big name players and keep on winning trophies too.

When will this madness end?!??!

Put simply, it won’t…EVER. This “madness” is what happens in a world where individuals have personal fortunes that literally leave them wondering what new toy, car, house, gadget or sports club they can buy to give them something to keep them occupied. In reality society is better off when you think about it. They would only be out stealing hub caps otherwise!

So where does this leave us? Unable to compete either financially or on the pitch? Well, financially certainly and in terms of winning matches it may certainly seem that way, but as Citeh proved last night against Napoli, you can only put 11 of your squad on the pitch at once and, for all the blood and thunder that they displayed in the opening 25 minutes, it was Napoli who took the lead and, if not for a wonderful free kick, they frankly didn’t even look like scoring. Oh, and in case I forget, didn’t Na$ri have a wonderfully ordinary, back to his Arsenal habits already type of game?!

So what exactly is my point, I hear you cry…

Well, put simply, the Champions League will still provide opposition for Barcelona in the shape of the Chelski’s, Citeh’s, United’s and, dare I say it, AC Milan’s of this world, so the only thing that Cesc has escaped from, apart from actually having to play for more than about 20 minutes per week, is not winning the Premier League every other year.

And to think, I actually believed he was a smart and brave young man. How wrong could I be?!

So, what we really need now is a year where Madrid win La Liga, anybody else apart from Barcelona win the Champions League (during which we knock them out, finally!) and for us to at the very least, get a decent title bid and cup run going, just to prove the ungrateful little shite entirely wrong.

When the going gets tough, the money-hungry and the glory hunters go too.

So, let’s win one for Cesc!

Come on you competing like warriors and not running and hiding Goooooonnnneeerrrrrsss!


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  1. ArthurTheGooner on Thu, 15th Sep 2011 10:50 pm 

    Cesc thinks he hasn’t said a word about Arsenal to anyone, infact I believe he had more respect for a club and a manger who made him what he is today.

    He went on to explain himself on twitter:

    “Id never speak 1 bad work abt AFC, here there’s once more prove that so many people put in newspaper wtv they want and its not professional.

    I want Arsenal to be succesfull as much as every single fan. Thats not why i left, it was never in my mind. AFC made me who i am today.

    And nobody will ever change that. I never gave any interview away since my press conference at my presentation and there i just said…
    …The truth and what came out of my heart. Great words abt this great football club cause that just what they deserve: succes and trophies.

    People can h8 me 4 leaving or remember that i gave my all for the club. But me talking 1 bad word or saying smthng against AFC will not seen”

    Interesting that, perhaps he didn’t say it perhaps he did who knows. If he did then he has lost his class in a way. I have always had tons respect for him I hope he stays quiet for a bit now, there is nothing worse then bringing this old vomit back up again!

  2. vegasgunner on Thu, 15th Sep 2011 11:27 pm 

    i love it right on!!!

  3. Greg on Fri, 16th Sep 2011 12:04 am 

    He denied those quotes, check his twitter

  4. Shaun O'Flaherty on Fri, 16th Sep 2011 1:06 am 

    I have to say, the article in Sport magazine claimed to be an exclusive but I did some digging and got hold of a copy of an interview he did in Spain, admittedly never published, that seems to have been the “original text” for the “exclusive”! I am a fluent Spanish speaker and I can tell you that the quotes were virtually unchanged except for basic impossbilities in terms of the nuances between the two languages.

    That is not to say that the original quotes weren’t fabricated too, of course! I guess we will never know. I would like to think that Cesc was too classy for all that, but I have a sneaking suspicion that there was a PR intervention on behalf of his management or Barcelona themselves (although fairly unlikely that Barcelona suddenly got a touch of conscience regarding this transfer!) to stop the original article getting published and it probably got sold on to Sport for publishing.

    Interestingly, the original interview was held by one Oscar Rodriguez who receives “Special thanks” in the Editor’s Letter section on page 3 of the magazine so clearly this was some sort of freelance effort at best.

    So, the obvious possibilities are:

    1) Oscar Rodriguez was invented by Sport or by the original publishers to try and pass this off as real when it hs been fabricated from start to finish.

    2) Oscar Rodriguez was invented to cover up the original source who had been banned fom publishing it.

    3) Oscar Rodriguez was invented to cover up somebody selling on the article without the permission of Cesc or the original copyright holder

    4) This is the same Oscar Rodriguez who is the managing director of MundoDeportivo, the Barcelona-based and F.C. Barcelona focused daily sports paper!

    I have got to say that number 4 doesn’t is looking the most likely candidate! If not, it would be one hell of a coincidence!

    Sorry I cannot be any more specific than that, but there truly is very little I can do to go back and fact check this any more.

    In reality, I hope that he didn’t say it, but I get the feeling that there is more fire than smoke here and everybody is now playing catchup to try and avoid further embarrasment to AFC.

  5. Domhuaille on Fri, 16th Sep 2011 3:11 am 

    Who really cares.Nasri said some stupid things, Clichy said some rubbish, Adebuywhore shot off his mouth and Cesc is rumoured to have said some shite?
    It all comes down to what AFC can do now and up until the end of May…anything else is just excrement spouted by the shite tabloids, crap media pundits and ignoramuses (including some fans) who are desperate for their 5 minutes of fame.

  6. Shaun O'Flaherty on Fri, 16th Sep 2011 3:34 am 


    I understand your points regarding Na$ri, Clichy et al (Toure wasn’t the kindest after he left either!) and I agree 100% that the only thing that really matters is how the players that we DO have gel into a team and get moving in the right direction.

    All of that said, if Cesc really did say these things, as it appears he might well have done despite his protestations, it would be a hurtful thing to do to the fans who have let him go without fuss or rudeness (the vast majoirty anyway) and would surely signal his true intentions in leaving us.

    If the players needed any more motivating to succeed right now, they may just feel that proving him wrong may be good enough reason to give a little extra. Quite honestly, the way the past six months hve gone, I will take whatever motivation they need as valuable!

    Lastly, I hope that I wasn’t being thrown in with the “5 minutes of fame” crew?! 😮

  7. sniper on Fri, 16th Sep 2011 3:42 am 

    I also read cesc’s tweets denying he spoke ill about Arsenal,this leaves me emotionally confused cos i hated him immediatel i read †ђξ tabloid about his comments regarding our team, however on reading his tweets i realised that the press could do anything just for to get news or make a story….in my personal opinion,i do not see CF as someone who would go that far in saying BULL about Arsenal bcos somewhere deep inside of him he still loves the club, he loves wenger too for sure and for Wenger’s sake alone he wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings, i read his tweets week in week out since he left, wishing arsenal success in every match they go out to play….
    However,if he did say anything like we read in the news then there’s nithing we can do but shut hip up by winning a title or titles!! Havn said that,i must commend this article cos it really gave me a lot of hope and i believe this revolution of Arsenal will bring us trophies.

  8. Nick on Fri, 16th Sep 2011 5:14 am 

    We wish him well,but we beg him only to shut up b4 he loses our respect 4 him…….talking shit about arsenal will only tarnish his big name.

  9. Mohamed Zubairu on Fri, 16th Sep 2011 7:43 am 

    I cannot believe that after several several journalistic injustices done to us, we could still believe these journalists. They can make up anything these days. Cesc has denied giving an interview. He said he hasn’t given any since his press conference. Besides, this statement is not consistent with Cesc’s character. He knows the role that Arsenal and Arsene played in his carrier. He was even bold enough to counter the claim of Barca president that they got his cheap from us because of their negotiating skills. He told then that it was Wenger who persuaded the club to let him go at a cut price. He made it clear that were it not for Wenger, he would not be A Barca player today. He still talks like a genuine Arsenal fan – just like Thierry Henry. He is not like Adebayo, nasri or even ian Wright.

  10. ArthurTheGooner on Fri, 16th Sep 2011 11:07 am 

    @Mohamed Zubairu

    Interesting points you made there, it really comes down to a fact that Cesc in not that kind of a person as you say. He was always true to his word and kept things to himself. In all honesty he wanted to leave two seasons ago but Arsene said no and probably agreed with him he will let him go after the season has finished.

    Either way I was hurt when he left because he never won a trophy for us and I thought that was his ultimate goal before he was going to head back home. I mean it was like he wasn’t getting to the end of his career.

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