John Cross: Arsenal need new direction and a new director!

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We all saw the game last night including my disappointing comments on another blog, I think I have for once lost the plot but was I the only one?

I don’t want to talk about the game or the previous one for that matter it was let’s honestly say total shambles! It pains me to say we are not good enough any more for the so called 4th spot trophy if you ever believed it was just that. Yesterday’s performance proved this to me as I have believed the team can lift themselves as they did in so few games this season.

So as usual we got dumped out of two cups in a matter of days and there is not a great deal you can argue about that. The worst thought that is my head right now that it keeps on happening season after season after season and yet after the Blackburn defeat we thought response was required and to our doom and gloom it never happened. First half was awful yet again and in the second as hard as we tried we were no match for Bayern Munich.

I cam home today after work sat down and snooped about on the net for a while and I found an interesting video on Life’s a Pitch about where do Arsenal go from here. It makes me sad we have to come to these sort of conclusions and it has be as drastic but my heart tells me perhaps John Cross is right. As much as I love and respect Wenger perhaps he needs to go because it seems he can’t take the pressure anymore. We have no direction on the pitch, decision making is bad, there is no tactical plan

I know his press conference was not the kindest one and respectful for that matter on Monday, however I do believe the man should handle him self in a better way to what he did. He had Arteta sitting next to him and he allowed the those media junkies to get on top of him, surely that is not a great example for one of your players and the whole team.

I don’t really know what to make of it all but there are serious signs that things weren’t taken seriously at the time where they should have been, we only bought a player to replace injured Gibbs, our front line is lacking that extra umph and our back line is as good as none existent! We panic at the back and we panic badly this is certainly the worst team we have ever seen under Arsene!

The next few weeks are crucial starting against Villa on Saturday  and I sincerely hope Arsene can turn it around but something tells me deep down that it will never happen. I honestly hope I’m wrong there is nothing worst for your football club to loose his best manager ever!



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  1. EAC on Wed, 20th Feb 2013 8:46 pm 

    At last a balanced view by a Arsenal lover. We all want it to come good for the Club and for Arsene,,,but..and its an increasingly big but….will our beloved manager spend the money thats needed to add “instant” quality to the squad. As an old git I suffered from 1955 to 1970 not winning a trophy and suffering embarassing defeats by lesser clubs, with THFC winning the League etc.
    Not so much patience around these days. During those lean years I still felt it was my club…now we are a franchise which means the loyalty of the new fans is fickle and you can always change your allegiance when it gets rough

  2. Wengerballs on Wed, 20th Feb 2013 8:52 pm 

    EAC is a stupid old git, thinks going 8 seasons without a trophy is a lack of patience. The fans have been singing “there’s only one Arsene Wenger” the whole time, showing incredible loyalty to the man, but for what? Its only getting worse. Wenger utterly disrespects the fans and is not repaying their loyalty. The mans arrogance knows no bounds. Fans like EAC are content to see us drop to a middle of the table club again for season after season and patronisingly call it ‘patience’. Loser talk.

  3. Ani Chijioke on Wed, 20th Feb 2013 8:53 pm 

    Arsen wenger days are gone we just have to accept that fact…….. I dont know what the board are doing about it………. Is it that wenger charmed the board or what he get to go for others to come and create history as he has done in the past

  4. Rob on Wed, 20th Feb 2013 8:57 pm 

    My view is I actually remain loyal to Wenger.

    I won’t state all the usual clichés..but the bottom line is we are consistently in the top 4 in the premier league. Full stop.

    There is no comparison in terms of the money available to us and the other three.

    Wheras the teams below us that are a fairer comparison ie Liverpool, spuds etc since the inception of the prem are deemed successful and avoid all the flack.

    Arsenal fans, driven but the frantic press rubbish and noisy minority create this frenzy.

    If Wenger spends as we all hope in the summer (and quite frankly he has to or even the hardcore loyal gooners will start to question things) then we could be a great team again. We all know what we quality…cb, dmc, winger/striker, keeper etc.

    The core of the team is still good and I would be happy if we had a team that had Theo, Cazorla, Wilshere, Monreal, Podolski, Giroud, Sagna, Vermaelen…with other such as koz

  5. ArthurTheGooner on Wed, 20th Feb 2013 8:59 pm 

    Interesting points guys as for me I don’t know what to think anymore it’s a tough choice to make.

    Wengerballs please no disrespect to others!

  6. Ugwu Jonathan on Wed, 20th Feb 2013 9:02 pm 

    We just need a change in Arsenal Fc hierarchy. And for Arsen, he should just leave Arsenal and go away or get chopped

  7. Harry Barracuda on Wed, 20th Feb 2013 9:08 pm 

    Ugwu I’m guessing you are one of these African TV watchers who have supported Arsenal on Supersport since Wenger first turned out a double winning side.

    So have some respect, rather than talking bollocks, you fucking idiot.

  8. ArthurTheGooner on Wed, 20th Feb 2013 9:21 pm 

    The sad part to the story is that EAC is correct we have indeed became a franchise!

  9. ArthurTheGooner on Wed, 20th Feb 2013 9:22 pm 

    Harry Barracuda please my friend take it easy!

  10. Ugudu wadinga Umbolo on Wed, 20th Feb 2013 9:27 pm 

    Harry Barracuda no need to swear and patronise my african brother, people have different views and opinions about the direction Arsenal is going. These are tough and painful times and Arsenal needs to rethink its strategy, you can not repeat the same mistakes over and over and expect different results. Arsene Wenger either has lost the plot or the board does not care at all.

  11. Rob on Wed, 20th Feb 2013 9:33 pm 

    Hey barracuda, in your face, but gotta say I feel the passion man and am equally fed up with the constant slagging.

  12. vincent on Wed, 20th Feb 2013 9:58 pm 

    Hey why are you people puting the blame on wenger….we should look for a way to send koronke an gazidi away our problem is koronke and ivan gizard if u send wenger away and bring the best coach things will repeat itself let send koronke away…. up usmanov

  13. Matthew Buck on Wed, 20th Feb 2013 10:31 pm 

    I can easily find a few reasons to respect Arsene Wenger but setting those aside here he seems to lack one key quality I would want in a team leader and arguably the reason he should go – the ability to inspire. When I watch him on the sideline I wonder what effect his tormented, humorless and joyless face has on his players on the field. Yes, players are professional but I find it hard to believe none of this has a downside on the spirit of the team and ultimately his ability to lead. He really seems lost in himself, incapable of a smile and a laugh. Sure, he has reasons to feel stressed and tormented but he really needs to get a handle on it. He seems to me ill-mannered and remote. He can hardly find the time to shake hands with the opposing manager, console and encourage his players, congratulate and greet either his team or the other at the end of a match. He is usually the first to turn his back and walk off down the tunnel. Does he even enjoy the game any more? I am sure he is a good man under it all and I have desire to criticize him. Someone needs to help him.

  14. Jay on Wed, 20th Feb 2013 10:56 pm 

    I always thought that people should keep doing something (hobby, job, etc) until you stop enjoying it. Arsenne doesn’t look like he’s enjoying it any more which reflects on the team. As a supporter since 1989, I’m certainly not enjoying Arsenne any more so in that case, I’d very much like him to stop being the manager. The tactics & the formation are stale. Time to freshen it up.

    For one man to have that much power at a football club (and not be bankrolling it) is not healthy. There’s nobody to tell Arsenne ‘NO’. It’s like watching a elderly, French, Michael Jackson deteriorating in slow motion. Though, I believe he lacks a little bit, the monkey.

    And for the people that ask ‘who will replace him?’ – for £8m a year they could have pretty much anyone they want.

    I respect the people that want him to stay as we all want what’s best for the club but whatever happens, let’s see these bloody Gooners back at the top of the league, please.

  15. ArthurTheGooner on Wed, 20th Feb 2013 11:15 pm 

    Guys really good comments I few grudges but can they really be called that is another matter.

    I feel in way lied to because every season yes we have the money yes we know where the weakness are etc and still same old story so there you go.

  16. on Wed, 20th Feb 2013 11:33 pm 

    Wenger has been very successful and is very respested but now is time for a change and any change is a good thing.

  17. samuel ayodeji on Wed, 20th Feb 2013 11:55 pm 

    Harry or whatever u call urself don’t ever call my fellow African gunner an idiot when u fail to know u are 1. Don’t u know football is changing everyday but ur coach will not. He couldn’t find exeptinal players but others could. Man u had Roney,Nani,chicharito,welbec, but still went and get RVP at all cost. Now remove his goals and see where man u will be by now. Ur coach among top 5 highest paid manager in D word but in achievement he’s not among 20, RVP was among top 5 best players in D word but he couldn’t be paid in same level with top 20. U can now understand u are less ambitious as well as ur coach.

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