In the memory of my cousin, brother, father and husband!

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Not too sure how to start this one, I know this is an Arsenal blog and I haven’t done the blogging thing for a long long time. I suppose life is too busy we all have too many duties during our days to keep personal stuff afloat and we are truly committed to our cause. Never mind the football this one is not about football anymore as far as I’m concerned this one is about my cousin who tragically lost his life once he stepped off the plane on 8th of August and came back to his so called home town to spend some quality time with family.

His happiness did not last very long, he was beaten up so badly that on the following Monday his battle for his life was lost. I was on holiday myself at that time driving through the Tarta mountains in Poland when I heard  this sad news, a part of me was torn away with his passing. Life will never be the same without him, too young to die in a such tragic way if you ask me.

I know we were a family and we shared many differences but deep down our love was unconditional. Ten  years ago when or even more when I visited my folk back home I said to him are you coming back with me? He said yes we are, which meant his wife Katarzyna and his little son Bartek was on cards too. We drove through Europe and got home safely from then on wards he adapted to the English way of living which wasn’t always the kindest to him and his family by any means, however he got use it to it went through hell and back again to get his life back on track. Four years ago Kate gave birth to their second son Nicholas, things were going to the right direction. The only thing that stood between us was Chelsea, he loved it, he made sure whenever we lost to them my heart was throbbing with pain and sometime even anger sometimes I don’t  really blame him him they were always the team to beat especially when the special he came back to the helm.

That does not matter any more, once someone dies there is nothing to fulfill those empty spaces anymore, his children and his wife are going though the toughest tests in their lives, his brother was the only close thing from their parents he had left beside him, no one and I mean no one was meant to go in this way, first day of his holiday was over shadowed by this tragedy, I’m lost for words so Bartek this one is for you my cousin there are no words that can describe the pain we are going through.

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In the memory of Bartosz Zajac, a loving husband, caring farther, wonderful brother, fantastic cousin, great friend and a massive Chelsea fan. We all know life will never be same without you, those special memories of you will always bring smile to us. For the happiness you gave us no will ever know. It broke our hearts to lose you but you did not go alone. A part of us went with you the day God called you home. You will remain forever in our hearts until we meet again on the other side.

May your soul rest in piece brother.




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