ATG Rant: If You Hate Barca, Stand Up…

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Afternoon fellow Gooners,

The title really says it all doesn’t it? I have really come to HATE the famous Tap Up Barcelona FC, as it happened previously with Viera we all started to think the same way about Real Madrid. This time is no different but we move onto another club from another Spanish city. I have always valued Barca as a club but I feel disappointed with the way they go about their business off the pitch!

Perhaps we should make it into a song during The Emirates Cup? Can you imagine 60.000 people singing it? I can only imagine one individual not liking any of it but I doubt he will be there to witness it, if he stays that is as he will be recovering from the World Cup.

Anyway let’s move on closer to what has been happening around our Almighty Arsenal. We have finally heard what we wanted to hear for all these weeks with the Cesc saga taking twists and turns day in day out. Arsenal have confirmed a formal bid from Tap Up Barcelona and with a smile on my face we threw it back in their dirty faces, for some time we stood up and didn’t allow them to bully us:

“Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas is under contract with the Club until the summer of 2015. He is a highly-valued member of the team and part of our future plans.

“We have followed recent speculation linking Cesc with a move away from the Club but as there has never been any official approach for him, only two informal exchanges, in which we made it abundantly clear that we have no interest in transferring Cesc, we have refrained from publicly passing comment. However, yesterday evening we received an offer from Barcelona for Cesc and in response, we immediately and resolutely told them once again that we have no intention of selling our captain.

“To be clear, we will not make any kind of counterproposal or enter into any discussion. Barcelona have publicly stated that they will respect our position and we expect that they will keep their word.”

Now if they have any decency, respect and class left they will read between those lines above and get the gist of things. You would think they would act accordingly, however I get the feeling this is far from over and it didn’t really last long as they are already preparing a second bid for our skipper, I don’t get which part of ” To be clear, we will not make any kind of counterproposal or enter into any discussion” they don’t fucking understand?

Their dirty tactics continue to go unpunished their vice-president Rafael Yuste said:

“I’m optimistic that he’ll be able to sign for Barça as soon as possible and it’s clear that everybody here will give him a warm welcome,”

“We’ll do nothing that might make it more difficult for him to come here and we won’t rush things. But we won’t stop, either.”

I think the only to way stop this bullshit getting out of hand and spreading further we should lodge a formal complaint to FIFA that they are constantly trying to Tap Up a player who is under contract with us, Come on we are The Arsenal and we fear no one on and off the pitch.

Rant over, bloody Scumbags! Ok I’m fine now… Piles of shit…

Moving on swiftly everyone is probably now aware of Walcott not going to the upcoming World Cup in South Africa with the England squad which to me was no suprise. I have a mixed feeling about this  one side of me thinks he was over used last year and now they have ditched him the other is saying he didn’t step forward this season so it’s fairy deserved. I think Goonerholic has covered this inside out with his as per usual very good article.

I will leave you with the latest Joe Cole news as this seems to be the topic of the week, Joe Cole is a very good player and I do rate him but would he really choose Arsenal over other clubs and would we be prepared to pay him those high wages he demands? Something tells me NOT, but we have heard those stories before haven’t we now?

Up the Arsenal, until the next time, enjoy the weather.


4 Comments on "ATG Rant: If You Hate Barca, Stand Up…"

  1. Biggy on Thu, 3rd Jun 2010 2:51 pm 

    I am standing baby! Any team that shhows such careless disregard for the rules of doing business and in distabilising another club has got to be a hate figure. Before they start making bids with money they havent got maybe they should concentrate on better house keeping. They can sart by paying us what they owe from previous transactions.

  2. Cool Dude on Thu, 3rd Jun 2010 3:48 pm 

    Barca think they have a god given right to publicly talk about any player that they want to sign. Their players are great on the pitch but not when they open their mouth. People should start talking about Barca in a negative way, highlighting the rude, crass, illegal way in which they try to unsettle players from other teams and maybe they can be bought down a peg or two. Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid will put an end to barca’s dominance in La Liga. I am so looking forward to Real winning La Liga next season and Barca like I said before, being bought down a peg or two.

  3. ArthurTheGooner on Thu, 3rd Jun 2010 7:09 pm 

    Too right gents I have had enough of them now, them and Real Madrid think they can do this to anyone and bully any team with their millions.

    Funny thing is, they said that Cesc has expressed himself to the public that he wants to join them now well this summer and this is news to me as the only thing I can remember is him saying that everything depends on Arsene for christ sake, liars!

    Unfortunately for us this will continue all summer!

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