Testing Times and Doubtful T(h)omases!

September 13, 2011 by  - Filed under Arsenal FC, Champions League

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I have to say that, in the past three decades at least, I have not witnessed a time when, in the great scheme of things, games could be more meaningless and yet so damned important. I know that there have been much more important games over that time such as the Champions League final against Farcalona, title run-ins, the odd FA Cup final, even those last few games of the Invincible season when you just knew we were going to throw away the chance to rewrite the history books away with a stunning... 

Tough test awaits, Udinese no walk in the park

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Just few hours from now could really define our season in a nutshell. It hasn’t been a great week for us has it now? It hasn’t been a great summer full stop. Loosing at the weekend has not helped one bit to be honest with you. We saw the last of Nasri then, today he is checking house prices somewhere up north but more on that later. Tonight we take on Udinese in MASSIVE second leg of our Champions League qualifier to the group stages. We hold a lead which is a slender lead but still... 

Farewell Francesc Fabregas!

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It might sound odd, but a lot of Arsenal fans are probably glad to see the back of Cesc Fabregas. The transfer story surrounding him seems to have rumbled on for all eternity and some might even argue it has hampered Arsenal’s progress. That’s not to say that Fabregas has not given his all for the club when playing – but with a dream move to Barcelona in the back of his mind, you’d have to say his heart cannot have been fully in it. There is no doubt that Fabregas is a genuinely world class... 

Why Arsenal can take heart from Barca defeat

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Barcelona are the best team in the world. We know this because we are told often enough by those in the know. Some go one further. For me, they are the best team ever Graeme Souness cooed in the post-match fall-out following Arsenals 3-1 defeat at the hands of Barcelona on Tuesday. Before anything else, something needs to be addressed. Barcelona deserve their place in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, and out-played Arsenal during the second leg. The first game was one of contrast  the... 

Adibal should of been sent off, NOT Van Persie!

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We haven’t played well enough perhaps to win the game, however I believe justice has not been done last night and FIFA & UEFA should be ashamed of themselves. They make it look as if this game can not function without fairness and honesty. Barthelona players dived left right and center, tackled and got away with it. Our players on the other hand got booked one by one, I may regret saying this but somehow I believe football is corrupted from the top including almighty Barthelona! Now you... 

Bracelona preview – Do we sacrifice or plan ahead

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It has been an odd couple of weeks for Arsenal. In the space of 14 days Arsene Wenger’s men have lurched from quadruple hopefuls to staring down the barrel of another 6 years without a trophy; from favourites to overturn Manchester United in the title race to no hopers and back again. But there has always been one constant lurking on the horizon, and now it is upon them. The Champions League 2nd leg tie against Barcelona has permeated every thought of Wenger since that dramatic night 23 days ago,...