Farewell Francesc Fabregas!

August 15, 2011 by   Filed under: Arsenal FC, Champions League, Premier League, Transfers

It might sound odd, but a lot of Arsenal fans are probably glad to see the back of Cesc Fabregas.

The transfer story surrounding him seems to have rumbled on for all eternity and some might even argue it has hampered Arsenal’s progress. That’s not to say that Fabregas has not given his all for the club when playing – but with a dream move to Barcelona in the back of his mind, you’d have to say his heart cannot have been fully in it. There is no doubt that Fabregas is a genuinely world class player, and he’d have to be, going to Barcelona. But unlike some players he is not totally irreplaceable.

However, with he and Nasri both unlikely to pull on a Gunners shirt again, the side will be significantly weakened going into the new season. What it does now mean, is Jack Wilshere has to step up to the plate, and prove that he can be a worthy replacement for either of those players. His talent is there for all to see, and for many fans, it is made all the better by the fact that he is English. Wilshere performed well last season, and he definitely is capable of stepping his game up to the next level in the new campaign. Theo Walcott has suffered with injuries in recent seasons, which seems to have halted his progress just slightly. If he can get a regular run of fitness, and prove to Arsene Wenger that he is still improving, that will be another benefit to the club.

The addition of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is intriguing. Bringing in young players from the lower leagues is a gamble. Spurs have demonstrated with Gareth Bale that it can be a very shrewd investment, but Liverpool showed in the 1990’s when the signed Mark Kennedy from Millwall, that sometimes it doesn’t work out.

Sunderland snapped up Connor Wickham from Ipswich earlier in the summer, and like Arsenal will be hoping that their bright young hope can make it as a top Premier League player. Both players are more than capable.

It will be interesting to watch the men in Arsenal Premier League Shirts this year, but many fans will now begin asking whether they can compete in a title race, and indeed if they can retain their “Champions League” status.


3 Comments on "Farewell Francesc Fabregas!"

  1. Reggie on Mon, 15th Aug 2011 9:03 am 

    I hope that Cesc is proud of himself, following the uncertainty and distabilisation that he has put us through. For me, I am too exhausted with the situation to wish him anything resembling good luck. I hope that he rut on the Barca bench in a few months time dreaming of what could have been at the Arsenal.

  2. ArthurTheGooner on Mon, 15th Aug 2011 9:21 am 

    I’m very disappointed with the way this transfer was dealt with, by either Cesc or our club. We all knew too well that Cesc’s heart and mind was elsewhere last season, you could definitely see that. Today he’s back where he came from I wish him well because I remember those good days were I was definitely proud of him. I sincerely hope we got enough money for him because he’s worth a lot more than £35 million. Let’s not be bitter, don’t get me wrong I’m sad that he went back and not just because it’s Barcelona but because he still had 3 years on his contract and he was our captain and that doesn’t say much about him. He kept quiet in the media spot light and tried to be nice to both parties, in fact Arsenal made him a player he is today and he didn’t do us any favours he hurt our club but not saying a thing. Time to move on no player is bigger than the club!

    ARSENE is time to spend some fucking money!

  3. gabriel on Mon, 15th Aug 2011 11:45 am 

    am glad that fab has gone at least the team can setle down for the season and look for posible means of filling the gap, i remain an arsenal fan

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