Cesc will remain, Arsenal will go on!

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Even though he’s not gone yet I beleive this guy needs some praise for all he has done for our club, some may think it’s wrong some may say he deserves it and some may suggest he aint worth it. We all know this is one of the worst transfers sagas I have seen, however  I will not be bitter that he’s going I believe he did enough for us since being a 16 year old lad, no trophies in his cabinet but I was always proud of him. Fare well Cesc just for you old pal let the grass be greener... 

Poor defence holding Arsenal back?

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It might just be this writer’s nostalgia, and of course the game has changed over the last decade or so. But the repeatedly bad performances of a leaky defence grates someone who can remember that famous, air-tight well-regimented defence that would squeeze the life out of opposition attacks. Is it any co-incidence that since Tony Adams (if Parlour was the Romford Pele, then surely Adams was the Romford Bobby Moore) left the club, they have only won one title, compared to the four that he won during... 

Blackburn, Transfers and Goalkeepers

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I have missed my match review completely, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet as I want to embark on other subjects as we all know the transfer windows was firmly shut at 18:00 UK time yesterday. The Blackburn game on Saturday was a very tough away fixture especially when we play any of Fat Sam’s teams we always seem to struggle and loose vital points. The lads did me proud in every way, yes we seemed very nervous in the first half, we knew what happened there last season so perhaps... 

Arsene confirms Squillaci is a Gooner!

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I think everyone thought Sebastien Squillaci was going to be announced as Arsenal player last Monday, that did’t happen as we all know.Tuesday went by and we still didn’t know if he signed on the dotted line or not. Yesterday I have heard that he went back to Spain, apparently to sort out few things as he flew straight back to London. It’s now 17:15 and there is still no confirmation on Arsenal.com. Now I would have thought it would be definitely announced today after Arsene’s... 

ATG Rant: If You Hate Barca, Stand Up…

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Afternoon fellow Gooners, The title really says it all doesn’t it? I have really come to HATE the famous Tap Up Barcelona FC, as it happened previously with Viera we all started to think the same way about Real Madrid. This time is no different but we move onto another club from another Spanish city. I have always valued Barca as a club but I feel disappointed with the way they go about their business off the pitch! Perhaps we should make it into a song during The Emirates Cup? Can you imagine... 

Koscielny linked, Hill Wood bust up drives Cesc away?

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Good Morning fellow Gooners, There is not a great deal of news this morning to really get excited about, which in a way is a good thing I suppose as the Cesc saga is still lingering in the blog sphere and certain individuals are adding more fuel to the ongoing Fabregas fire pit. A certain individual who is aiming to be voted the new Barcelona President called Marc Ingla has been at it already even though this silly man is not yet in charge and thinks Cesc will definitely be a swooped to join his...