My Horse, My Ox, My Ass, My Anything

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Greetings fellow Gooners!

So, I settled for the quote in the end. I did spend an inordinate amount of time trying to come up with a clever way of mixing the words “Shrew” and “Ox” after daring to use the obvious reference to “Taming of the Shrew” in my pre-match article but I finally decided it was high time I actually wrote something that you may wish to read rather than something I may wish to forget!

So, there it is, and I have to say that, in hindsight, I think that it works quite well! Other choices included “Shrewd Like An Ox” but, having decided that the average ox probably isn’t particularly famous for its shrewdness, that went by the wayside whilst “Wenger Shrewd With His Ox” didn’t seem too bad until it started to conjure up far too many terrifying images and finally “The Ox Tames The Shrews” was just too much of a literary crowbarring of words!

Ok, I know, I have now spent 2 whole paragraphs discussing the title and STILL haven’t mentioned the game itself! There may of course be a reason for that:

It may be that I, like most other Gooners in the world, didn’t get to actually see the match live and had to make do with radio commentary and Arsenal Player highlights afterwards.

It may be that I am still in shock that we actually went behind, almost 2 behind in reality, and still managed to come back and win.

It may even be because this sudden upwelling of happiness and enthusiasm that I am feeling needs a tight lid kept on it until we actually win more than one in a row and in a manner that convinces anybody that we are not going to concede a hatful in our next match.

It may just be that last year in this same fixture against Spurs we ran riot for the majority of the game, scored 4 goals (admittedly after somehow allowing Spurs to take the game into extra time) and Henri Lansbury looked world class!

Whatever the reason I am loathed to get too excited about last night’s game for fear of the sky opening and the God of injury misery swallowing up the Arsenal careers of a few promising youngsters before they even really get started. So, let me sum it up like this:

The team sheet was as expected apart from the fairly impressive and hard-working Park Ju Young being preferred in the starting line-up to Ryo up front and Gibbs, as predicted could be the case, being chosen at left back in place of Santos who presumably is not in need of any more match fitness and thus was probably in live to start against Bolton on Saturday. Note the use of the words “probably” and “was” in that statement…We will get to that!

We started well enough, if the radio commentary stream is to be believed, anyway, and controlled the ball for the first 10 minutes or so with Chamakh testing Ben Smith in the Shrewsbury goal on a couple of occasions. After a fairly nervy start, the Shrews started to settle and, having hit the post and the side netting in their previous attack, secured a deserved 1-0 lead on 15 minutes through the head of Collins.

Having seen the replay on the Arsenal website, I have to say that, whilst the cross into the box was a decent one, Collins was offered the freedom of the six yard box by the yet again dismal Johan Djourou and, whilst employing a heading technique that could not be described as textbook, the time and space that he had and the close proximity to the goal left Fabianski with no chance.

For the next 18 minutes the ball was kept well, used well and passed well and a treat of flowing attacking football was presented to the ¾ full Emirates Stadium by…the AWAY team! Ok, that may not be entirely accurate as we did put together a few attacking manoeuvres of our own in that time, but anybody hearing the 5,000 travelling Shrewsbury fans chanting “OLE!” as pass after pass reached its intended destination may have been entitled to believe that the game had become very much one way traffic!

On 33 minutes the most improbable occurrence, well, occurred! A good cross from the right by Carl Jenkinson (also in the middle of nowhere for their goal if the truth be known) found Chamakh, under pressure from two defenders but still somehow managing to get the all-important flick on to the far post where an unmarked Kieran Gibbs found a gap between the keeper and his near post and levelled the score.

Seriously, I am not joking, Kieran Gibbs scored for Arsenal!

From then on we dominated the bulk of possession, created a few good openings but mainly looked calm and assured for once and on 58 minutes the reward for our efforts finally came. A patient build-up saw the impressive Frimpong find Oxlade-Chamberlain in 5 yards of space about 25 yards from goal. He took a touch to put the ball in front of him before unleashing a rocket of a shot that flew into the bottom corner. I have heard and read criticism of the keeper and his inability to get down quickly enough to stop the ball, but I have to say, no matter how many times I watch it, it would have been an incredible save had he actually gotten to it. In truth, it was a great goal from our most dangerous and creative player on the pitch. We can expect to see more of him in and around the first team after this performance. Sorry Theo!

More possession followed as Shrewsbury understandably began to tire and for a while it did look as though they may cave in. In truth, they didn’t collapse and instead put up a stout display of backs to the wall defending that would have most Arsenal fans shouting about the passion and fight that has been missing from our defence for the past few years were it our boys doing the same.

On 79 minutes the Shrewsbury defensive lines were finally broken again. A long ball from Miquel found Gibbs on the left side of the final third. He brought the ball down and moved imperiously into the centre of the pitch. (I know, I know, Gibbs and imperiously aren’t words usually found in the same sentence but imperiously actually is the word. Whether it was him keeping his head up looking for the pass, controlling the ball well whilst doing so, just looking a touch languid or even a combination of the three, for a brief moment he actually had me thinking of PV4 at one point! Another position change?! ) Trying a through ball to Ozaykup (on the pitch for 2 minutes replacing Frimpong at this point but already impressing with his energy, technique and general willingness) Gibbs almost split the Town defence in two and would have done but for a tip of the toe touch from a retreating defender. Fortunately for Arsenal the slightness of the touch gave Gibbs the chance to pick the ball up again, pass it to the Ox who pushed it out wide to the still willing Ozaykup who, after having one attempted cross blocked, managed to get his second one into the six yard box finding Benayoun who had enough space to take a touch before cleanly striking the ball into the bottom left hand corner. Game over.

In terms of performances, the highlights have to be Oxlade-Chamberlain for his ability to look dangerous anywhere on the pitch, Gibbs, Frimpong and, in particular, Benayoun for their ability to touch every last blade of grass on it and, in a much more unsung role, Francis Coquelin who I have to admit I have been none too impressed by of late but who put in a performance of calm assured quality tonight and showed many of us why Wenger and many others see so much potential in him.

In the end a good performance which will hopefully provide a couple of selection headaches for Arsene in terms of Gibbs/Santos and Oxlade-Chamberlain/Walcott at least as well as seeing us into the hat for the next round where our youngsters will probably get the chance to test themselves against higher league opposition. Obviously, after suffering the indignity of losing in a penalty shootout after playing 2 hours of energy-sapping football against Stoke City, the Spuds, having fielded a strong team, will not be providing that test!

See, life’s not all that bad after all!

Until the next time,

Come on you Shrew Taming Goonnnnneeeerrrrsssss!


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  1. dukeofarsenal on Thu, 22nd Sep 2011 12:03 am 

    Slowly but surely we are coming back to the team that we know, that is going up the ladder. Come on guys keep it up. Welcome The Ox. May you be the one we can count on when the chips are down. Go Gunners 4 Eva.

  2. merkin on Thu, 22nd Sep 2011 2:29 am 

    If nothing else comes from this year perhaps we will gain a handful of Arsenal loyal, experienced youngsters.

    Who knows, we usually start strong and limp home tired at the end of year.. Perhaps this is the year we go though the last twenty without a loss driven by the maturation of our youngsters. I can dream can’t I?

    Excellent article by the way.

    Go Gunners. Honor the shirt.

  3. arsenaloudin on Thu, 22nd Sep 2011 3:58 am 

    Fair enough. We dont have to worry about Arsenal in the future. So far so good. Everything looks rosy. But lets see how the Professor solve this 6 year old defensive frailty problem. How many many more years do you need to solve this problem Mr. Professor ? I dont quite hear you! Oh, another 14 years . Fine. So fellow Gooners, lets be patient for another 14 YEARS! !! WHAT! YOU CANNOT WAIT THAT LONG . Come now. Have forgotten that the Professor IS IRREPLACEABLE! JUST SWALLOW YOUR ANGER AND FRUSTRATION AND JUST PUT ON A BRAVE FACE. CUZ WHO NOWS, ONE DAY THEY MIGHT PUT UP A TROPHY FOR THE TEAM THAT BREAK THE MOST NUMBER OF RECORD FOR THE WRONG REASON. CMON YOU GOONERS! ! !

  4. Philbet on Thu, 22nd Sep 2011 7:17 am 

    The Wenger out mob scream long and loud, such as the one above but never never come up with a constructive available alternative, not for them is progression just change, running a club like Arsenal is a massive job wanting a massive personality,where is one good enough and available enough ?????
    You rarely get what you wish for,………

  5. Ken on Thu, 22nd Sep 2011 8:09 am 

    In reply to Philbet The one and only
    I have one constructive and available alternative: Let us get rid of Wenger at the end of the season and get another manager that can field a decent back four as well as decent tactics when we play aginst Liverpool and ManU.
    Furthermore lets look for a manager that does not suffer from blindness, so that we can find better players that we have at AFC( Wenger cannot find quality players on the market). Lastly our new manager must be able to spend some money on the transfer market, not go for panic buys, someone who can realistically determine the strength and weaknesses of his team such we do not go for record breaking scores against Manu. Oh may, could get a manager who does not constantly lie as the liar-liar-liar we have.
    Yes, AFC has now become a massive club, with massive profits, massive share value, with a massive liar as manager and massive AKB support and a MASSIVE TROPHY-LESS CABINET in massive heartless stadium and a massive bank account.
    Truely massive.

  6. michael amuakwa on Thu, 22nd Sep 2011 12:44 pm 

    Given the recent form of Arsenal, it was good the Game was not televised live. I for one would have collapsed when we fell behind early in the first half. Fortunately for me, i got the scores at half time and finally checked the net for the full time score.
    Let us all hope that, this win will spur the first team on to put a ran together which will eventually lift the gloom around the emirates. Like you, i have a hidden belief that, we may just have one of our best seasons in years, although the start we have had is nothing to write home about. Gunners around the world, should rally behind the team and all shall be well. Long Live Arsenal!

  7. Shaun O'Flaherty on Thu, 22nd Sep 2011 1:43 pm 


    One win against Shrewsbury Town doesn’t make a trophy cabinet, but I hope that you are right!

  8. Shaun O'Flaherty on Thu, 22nd Sep 2011 1:44 pm 


    I think that for any youth policy to work it needs, indeed must have, players at the core that will stay long term, through thick and thin and see the project through. I think that has been desperately lacking.since The Invincibles. Of course, the board and the manager need to take their share of the blame for that, but the players know what Wenger is looking for and if they cannot commit they simply shouldn’t use the club for a career springboard.

    Oxlade-Chamberlain could have chosen almost any of the top clubs but he came to us. We can only hope that was because he saw it as the right choice long term and not because he didn’t much fancy trying to oust Nani or Valencia, for example.

    Finally, thanks for the compliment.

  9. Shaun O'Flaherty on Thu, 22nd Sep 2011 2:35 pm 


    Sorry mate, but you are losing me a little. I am confused as to why we need to wait 14 years? Ok, we haven’t won a trophy in 6 years, but I think that it would be fair to say that the previous 8 (to clarify, 6+8=14, working on the basis of your 14 years claim) were pretty successful on he whole!

    I also do not understand your reference to Wenger being irreplaceable. Nobody at the club is irreplaceable, but if you want him replaced you have to look at a lot of factors.

    a) Who takes his place?
    b) Is there a guarantee that the ne manager will bring success?
    c) Are the problems a result of the manager not being good enough anymore or simpyl a result of the club not even trying to compete against the literal mountains of money that other clubs are spending?
    d) If the club realises that it cannot compete financially at this moment in time, ould it be safe to say that even trying would be both a futile and very expensive waste of time and money?
    e) Is the world financial crisis going to have a profound long-term effect on football and if so, what will those long-term effects be and how can a business sustain itself when those changes occur?
    f) If the world financial crisis does have a profond log-term effect on football and a club is already self-sustaining, won’t that help to compete or even dominate once the Sugar Daddy’s have had their fun?

    As you can see, and I am just scraping the surface here, there is a whole lot more to managing a football club (well, managing it properly) than simply buying all the players and winning trophies. Football, like it or not, IS a business, that is why there areprofit and loss statements, that is why there are shareholders, that is why there are wags and enormous TV revenues for the most successful businesses, but sometimes the immediate future is simply not as important as the long-term existence of a business in any environment.

    Essentially what I am getting at is that “obviously” we know that we have the money to buy more and more and more and more players, hell, why we didn’t buy Ronaldo, Rooney, Torres, Sanchez, Mata, DeGea, Aguero, Robinho, Yaya Toure, Rodwell and any other multi-million pound player is beyond all of us! That said, Torres, DeGea, Robinho and even Rodwell may not have ben sch gret purchases after all! So, there is about 150m pounds that we could be worse off right now and with no more trophies to show for it.

    Listen, I don’t want to sound high and mighty about this, but are you sure you have thought this through properly? Seriously, the likes of Chelsea, Man Utd, Man City, Barcelona, Real Madrid and a couple of others these days with their oil money can afford to take a punt on a player for a huge sum and, if it doesn’t work out, well, they can pay their wages up unti the end of their contract whilst they take a punt on another player for a another huge sum. If that doesn’t work out, well, they can just do it again. We cannot do that…We simply do not have the funds.

    Nobody minded the “basically unknowns” policy when we were buying the likes of Henry, Ljungberg, Gilberto, Vieira, Pires, Lauren, Toure and many others (the bulk of The Invincibles, if you care to remember) or the youth policy when we were bringing through the likes of Cole, Fabregas, Clichy and others.

    In fact, if you look at The Invincibles first XI, you may even get a little shock:

    Seaman – Inherited
    Lauren – Unknown bought by Wenger
    Campbell – Free, signed by Wenger
    Toure – Unknown bought by Wenger
    Cole – Youth promotion originally signed by Wenger
    Ljungberg – Unknown bought by Wenger
    Gilberto – Unknown bought by Wenger
    Vieira – Unknown bought by Wenger
    Pires – Relative unknown bought by Wenger
    Bergkamp – Inherited (Although I seriously doubt tha the promise of playing for Bruce Rioch was what drew him to the club. Also considered “washed-up” when he joined after two dismal seasons in Italy)
    Henry – Another “washed-up” player, bought directly by Wenger

    So, a few myths dispelled there such as Wenger inherited the Invincibles defence from George Graham, unknowns and kids cannot win titles, you need to spend big to win etc.etc. etc.

    Now, in the time since that great team we have seen a massive change in the football markets. How much would that team of unknowns, kids and “washed-up” players cost to assemble now?

    Campbell on a free for example? Forget it…Citeh would simply offer him a world record wage and he would go there.

    You see, it is not simply a case of buying the best players in the world and winning things. In fact, whilst we are talking about them, ask Citeh how many trophies the have won for their absurd investment so far? An FA Cup? The same thing that we have won in the past six years. Let’s see how this season goes before we decide whether or not Nasri and Clichy have made the right choice, shall we?

    Finally, I think that sarcasm may not be your strong point!

  10. Shaun O'Flaherty on Thu, 22nd Sep 2011 2:42 pm 


    What scares me is that the more myopic amongst us might get EXACTLY what they wish for!

  11. Shaun O'Flaherty on Thu, 22nd Sep 2011 3:05 pm 


    “Wenger cannot find quality players on the market

    Seriously, you want to be taken seriously after that comment? Arteta? Mertesacker? Benayoun? Not quality players?

    As for “panic buying”, spend some more time learning more about the club and listen a little less to the myths that are constantly flying around about the club. In reality it would have been very dificult to convince top quality players to come BEFORE we could guarantee them Champions League football and ith the qualifier only days before the transfer window, it is hardly a surprise that it went to the wire. On top of this, Nasri and Fabregas leaving at the last minute cannot possibly have helped to plan which gaps exactly would need filling. Hindsight is always 20/20.

    Also, Wenger and Gazidis have both spoken clearly on the matter and the general feeling is that Wenger got the players he was after anyway, he just had to wait for all of the developing issues to finalise themselves before he could move on them.

    Like I said, “You Can Please Some Of The People…”

  12. Shaun O'Flaherty on Thu, 22nd Sep 2011 3:08 pm 

    @michael amuakwa:

    Well said that man! That’s the spirit!

    Seriously, the players have a job and that is to play well and get results. The management have a job and that is to ensure that the players know how to play well together and get results. The executives have a job and that is to make sure that the financial stability of the club is not compromised and certainly not in return for a very short term view or gain. The fans have a job and that is to support the team that we have.

    Nice to see you doing your job 🙂

  13. ken on Thu, 22nd Sep 2011 5:16 pm 

    In reply to Shaun O’Flaherty
    Ha Ha Ha , you need a reality check ,mate. I especially like that part “Also, Wenger and Gazidis have both spoken clearly on the matter and the general feeling is that Wenger got the players he was after anyway.” As for the matter Wenger cannot find quality players on the market, you should yourself spend some time learning more about the club, as I am quoting your hero. You are so intelligent, and you knooooow so much, may be as much as ArSSene knows best ( I hope, only, that you are not a damn liar like your model), so how can I tell that your quality player is 29 years old and cannot keep the pace for a full 90 minutes and your Benayoun has played a little more than a couple of minutes last season.
    How can I explain to you that the balance sheet is more important to Wenger than the footballistic perspective. Is it possible to try to make you understand that other managers fight for a budget and your role model fights to keep the money safely in the bank? Do I have the right to say that quality players like Samba, Jagielka,or Cahill and a DM might have saved us from a trashing at Manu or using different tactics we could have avoided such a record breaking defeat.
    Nope , IN WENGER WE TRUST AND WE WILL RUST. LONG LIVE WENGER, LONG LIVE AFC, and LONG LIVE ANOTHER 7 YEAR PROJECT. I will take your advice and learn a little about our club; anyway I will not have much to do in the coming seven years except looking at an empty cabinet and watching the immense faith of AKBS’.
    For your sake, pal, I knew Wenger long before he came to Arsenal, as I have done part of my studies in France. At that time he managed Monaco’s local team and he was fired because of a damn project from which the Monaco club never recovered. So keep the faith in your faltered hero and good luck.

  14. Shaun O'Flaherty on Thu, 22nd Sep 2011 6:27 pm 


    “Ha Ha Ha , you need a reality check ,mate”

    Not the kind of thing I would say to anybody that I would claim to be friends with and so I would ask you not to use the term “mate”.

    That aside, I do understand and to a certain degree agree with your perspective regards the balance between running the club as a business and seeing it survive another 125 years and running the club with the sole intention of winning every trophy and seeing it as a failure if that is not achieved and to hell with the business. In “reality” as you put it, that is a no-win AND a no-lose situation.

    Under those constraints it is impossible to please all of the people, the trick that we Arsenal fans have pulled off is in managing to place EVERYBODY in either of two categories; AKB or AKN. The “reality” is that you and I find it hard to have a conversation on this topic because you ASSUME that I am in the AKB camp as I am not criticising him on this single issue in this particular forum. The amazing thing is, if we could drop this silly two party support system, we could probably get along a whole lot better. For example, you wouldn’t need to feel like you have to attack me in such a manner if you saw us both as supporters of the same club and nothing more. Just opinions, that’s all.

    For the record, I sit very much on the fence with Arsene right now in terms of the footballing side of the club, although for me the business side is being managed by him and the board in a decent and healthy fashion and, given the stadium development etc. I think it is a stunning reminder of those successful policies that mean the club is now the 3rd most valuable in the world.

    Regards Arteta being 29, everybody cried out for experience and now we have it it is simply too old for you! Benayoun? Terrible run of injuries and a Chelsea squad with about 3 players for every position. Speak to some Liverpool fans about him and see what the majority think.

    I have to say that Samba, Jagielka, Cahill and a defensive midfielder (I note that your DM has no name whilst we have Song, Frimpong and Coquelin to name but three, all of which are apparently quite good and improving fast) probably would not have let 8 goals in against Manchester United. That said, I remember in pre-season that Man Utd let in 8 against some French rabble! In “reality” those players that you name may well have played better than Djourou or Jenkinson that day, but if you check the stats, on the whole there is no guarantee that any of them would improve the Arsenal defence.

    For example, last season, and I think that it is safe to say that last season saw us play about as badly defensively as ever under Wenger, we conceded 43 goals. In the same season Blackburn (Samba) conceded 59, Everton (Jagielka) conceded 45 and Bolton (Cahill) conceded 56. Where is the evidence that ANY of those players are any better than what we already had?

    Also, best not to forget that Wenger was the man who bought Thomas Vermaelen, a FABULOUS centre back who I believe is a much better player than any of the three that you mention and who hardly played at all last season. Imagine the goals conceded by us had he actually played a decent portion of the season? I think that it is safe to say that things may well have looked a whole lot rosier.

    As for your knowledge of Monaco from your time studying there…I think that you may have spent more time studying for your exams than you did Arsene Wenger (and correctly so, education before football!). Let me tell you why I believe that is the case…

    AS Monaco have won 7 league titles in their history. 3 during and after Wenger, 4 prior to Wenger (although 2 of those came in 61 and 63, so realistically they have won 5 in the “modern era”) thus meaning that during and after Wenger would be termed a fairly successful time in the clubs history to say the least.

    When Wenger took over, Monaco had not won a title in 5 years. Wenger and Monaco won the title in his first year in charge. They went on to win another 3 years after he left and another 3 years after that. That means that they won two titles in 6 years AFTER he left. How can he possibly be accused of the failure of Monaco since he left, (some 17 years ago I might add in the midst of a full on guffaw) when they won almost half of their total number of league titles during and after is reign and almost a third of them after he left?

    Wenger’s run of Ligue 1 positions in his 7 seasons at Monaco were as follows:

    1st – 3rd – 3rd – 2nd – 2nd – 2nd – 9th – Average Position 3rd

    In the previous 7 seasons Monaco finished in the following league positions:

    5th – 9th – 3rd – 2nd – 6th – 1st – 4th – Average position 4th

    Not really comparable, is it?

    For further confirmation of the lack of anything concrete behind your “damn project from which the Monaco club never recovered” comment, let’s see how the next 7 years went, shall we?

    6th – 3rd – 1st – 3rd – 4th – 1st – 11th – Average position 4th

    No we can see that the league position without Wenger over a period of 7 years prior and after his tenure was WORSE than during, whilst the average league position after his tenure was EXACTLY the same as prior, one assumes that he hardly destroyed the club nor were they struggling to recover from his “damn project”.

    Also, if you take out the statistical aberrations, a standard practice in basic statistical analysis, that is to say the 11th place (which I am sure, even after 7 years and two league titles had past AFTER Wenger left, you will still find some way to blame on him), the 9th place before him and the 9th place during his time at Monaco, the average league position over the six remaining years reads like this:

    Before Wenger: 3rd
    During Wenger: 2nd
    After Wenger: 3rd

    So, even after trying to take out anomalies in the numbers, we still find that Monaco were basically the same club before and after Wenger’s tenure and BETTER during it.

    Care to retract anything that you have said or shall we just “assume” that you are an AKN and will bleat until he wins another trophy and then find another reason to do so when he does?

    I know where the smart money is and it certainly isn’t on your ability to be humble or “realistic”!

    Let us see, shall we?

  15. Ken on Sun, 25th Sep 2011 1:29 pm 

    In reply to a bloody liar
    Part of Wenger profile is shown below:
    “His campaign in Europe was worth noting as well. Monaco reached the quarter-finals of the European Cup in his first year, got to the semi-finals of the European Cup in 1990, European Cup Winners’ Cup finalists the next year, and the semi-finals of the Champions’ League. 
This string of results was of course noticed by other clubs and committees around the world, and Arsene Wenger was offered deals from the French National side and Bayern Munich, but he rejected both as he felt obligated to finish out his term with AS Monaco. AS Monaco ended his term early though; that same year, in 1994 they fired Arsene Wenger as the club reached an abyssmal ninth in the League”
    Arsene is doing the same stuff he does everywhere. He comes boost the club’s success and then gets corrupted and shows another face for the coming years till he is fired. This is antural cycle for him, time has come to sack him.
    You are just a damn liar like your hero and so obtuse that you cannot even get a glimpse of reality. Has Arsenal been trashed like this before? Whatever be the reasons, there was always alternatives to avoid it, but your LE BOSS did not see it coming. WHY? HE HAS LOST THE PLOT and is only worried about a few bucks. His notion of quality is hindered by the vision of shillings and pounds, which eventually makes him see his shit players as great performers and keeps jis faith.
    I AM FED UP WITH AND YOUR SENSE OF JUSTICE. Paying the highest fee in EPL to watch such shit is good and healthy business for you.

  16. Shaun O'Flaherty on Mon, 26th Sep 2011 1:09 am 


    In the spirit of trying to open a conversastion with you and with any luck stop you from using quite such foul and abusive language on a page that is visited by children as well as adults, I will actually attempt to get you to answer a few questions. I hope that you are man enough and adult enough to do so, I truly do.

    So, here goes nothing:

    “In reply to a bloody liar”

    I quoted statistics and facts to you. What makes you think that any part of that was a lie?

    “Arsene is doing the same stuff he does everywhere.”

    Arsene has never managed a club for 14 years before, has never enjoyed such a high level of success as he has at Arsenal and, as the statistics show, your claim that he destroyed Monaco and they still haven’t recovered simply doesn’t stand up against the FACTS.

    With all that in mind, my questions are these:

    What “everywhere are we talking about?
    Is your low opinion of Wenger and upholding it as such more important to you than actual truths and statistics that simply do not lie?

    “This is antural cycle for him, time has come to sack him.”

    He has managed 4 clubs in his entire career. Monaco is the only club that he has ever been fired from, the other 3 show no such “cycle”.

    I think that it is also worth pointing out that he asked the Monaco board for permission to speak with Bayern Munich and was told that he could not as his contract had another 2 years to run. A few weeks later they fired him even though they actually climbed two places in the table during those weeks. Is it possible that the board of Monaco were not being entirely righteous in their treatment of him and possibly were not being quite as supportive as they could have been in terms of him buying players as he had demonstrated his ability to buy world class players on a very low budget up until then (his record in this area is second to none at either Monaco or Arsenal, as I am sure that you are aware) and they liked the profits that they were receiving?

    So, my questions are these:

    What natural cycle are you referring to?
    What other examples can you give of this cycle to show me how wrong I am?
    Who would you replace him with?

    “Has Arsenal been trashed like this before?”

    Oh stop it! Now you are just being silly!

    This clearly demonstrates that you have not been a fan for anywhere long enough to have a true grasp of the history of our fine club.

    Champions League football for 14 years
    A Champions League final
    Two doubles
    Three Premier League titles
    The Invincibles
    4 FA Cups
    The best stadium in the Premier League and one of the best in the world

    Without question or comparison he is the most successful manager in our history and the second most successful in the history of the Premier League.

    My question is this:

    In what year did you first support Arsenal Football Club?

    “You are just a damn liar like your hero and so obtuse that you cannot even get a glimpse of reality.”

    So many questions here I simply do not know where to begin! Let me try these:

    What am I lying about?
    In what way was I obtuse?
    I replied stated nothing more than statistics and facts. Why do you regard these as lies or obtuse?
    The facts clearly do not help your case. Does that mean that the best way to deal with that problem is to hurl unfounded abuse and contiue to live in denial rather than learning from those facts and possibly accepting that your point of view may be somewhat skewed by your anger?
    Are you simply being abusive because you realise that your point regarding Monaco had no basis in reality whatsoever?

    Oh, and one thing that I would like to get straight here is that Arsene Wenger is, in my opinion, one of the truly great modern day football managers. That said, he is NOT my hero. In fact, he is not even my football hero…That would be Dennis Bergkamp. In general my heroes have nothing to do with football whatsoever or even sport for that matter. Again, it may be worth calming down on the the assumptiveness levels as you know little or nothing about me other than that I support Arsenal and believe that Wenger is here to stay until the end of the season whether we like it or not and we should just get on with our job of supporting the team until such time as a change is even possible, let alone necessary.

    “Go and su** you hero’s pri** and enjoy your healthyyyyyyy business.”

    Only one question here:

    How old are you exactly?!

    Let me tell you that if you have the stones to reply and reply in a fashion that is becoming of a page read by fans of all ages and sexes, I will take my hat off to you and reply in the same manner as I have thus far, with facts and honesty. Should ANY of your reply come with that sort of foul and abusive language I shall ban you from the site permanently.

    I genuinely hope that you choose to open a dialogue on these points because I am honestly interested in why you are so angry and why you are prepared to ignore the statistics and spout “facts” that do not have any basis in the real world whatsoever whilst claiming that I am the person that “cannot even get a glimpse of reality.”

    I bid you a ghood day and look forward to your positive comments regarding the excellent performance against Bolton Wanderers yesterday 🙂

  17. ArthurTheGooner on Mon, 26th Sep 2011 7:55 pm 

    @ Ken on Sun

    Please play nicely there is no need to abuse anyone here and I will not tolerate such behaviour on this site. I have removed what had to be removed.

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  19. Dipak on Fri, 25th Sep 2015 9:25 am 

    wenger shud go now, its game over 4 him. wat the hell is wrong wid him, doesnt he feel wat we(the fans) feel??? does he think we enjoy seein the shit which has been goin on???? wats da point of beiatn chelsea n man utd if we cant beat these other teams????? am positive dat we r now out of da title race considering our performance. even if our injured players r bak, wat r they gonna do?? they wont make a difference dat quick. n yh, obvious by then other players will get injured. so we’ll jst b goin round a circle n cumin bak 2 da same place. 4 me, i believe the top 4 is not even a position 2 dream of. we’ve thrown it away n its a done deal. there r sum players who shud go out 2gether wid wenger; almunia, toure, gallas, silvestre, diaby n eboue. these players shud b allowed 2 leave bcoz they aint gud enuf 2 wear da red n white of arsenal, i believe they dnt giv their best 2 da team. van persie, cesc, denilson, walcott, eduardo n nasri shud b allowed 2 go coz they r too good 4 arsenal, they deserve 2 play in a winning team cozi believe they giv all they got wen on that field. these guys need a winning team n i dnt see dat team 2 b arsenal at da moment. its so embarrasing 2 hear dat da ladies team is performing far much better than the men team. so y dnt we giv the managerial role of da men team 2 da ladies manager, Vic Akers??? coz if arsenal cant buy ready made experience players then i believe they even cant get a ready made experience manager as the likes of Frank Rijkaad, Roberto Mancini etc.

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