Cesc Fabregas: It’s all up to Arsene Wenger

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It’s funny how things turn out, one month we’re all happy with Cesc committing to the club then summer kicks in and he wants to have his future sorted out before the Word Cup!!??!! Now with all the silence from the skipper, he has finally spoken!

Now obviously we don’t know what has been said between him and Le Boss we definitely know that it was something about him leaving Arsenal as I would speculate what else would it be? Perhaps Wenger will join him there next season? Only kidding but then again who knows anything these days?

Why would you have one of the longest and greatest conversation with your manager if you are not going anywhere? Surely you will have plenty of time to do that during the coming season right? Correct me if I’m wrong here, but Cesc probably did say I want to go back home, how can we do this and Wenger replied leave it to me.

Yes the Spanish media including all Barca players have put extra pressure on Cesc and are only making excuses for him just to undermine what great player he is and how perfectly he would fit in the squad. Saying that we can’t blame all of it on them as it would have taken one interview for Cesc to say:

“I’m under contract with Arsenal so that makes me an Arsenal player as far as I’m concerned until then my future is with Arsenal”

End of…that would put a lot minds to rest don’t you think?

Even if he stays at Arsenal do you honestly think we will drop to our knees and praise him for staying? I think he has already burnt some bridges with all this shit stirring and not having enough balls to be honest with his fans. Silence is worst than being honest and I’m sure some of us have been there and know what it’s like.

We were just linked to Mertesacker from Werder Bremen and their coach as soon this hit the papers came and said: He’s not going anywhere, I’m just astonished why our club is behaving like a wimp in this when we hold all the aces and we decide what is going to happen. Something tells me this battle is lost already as to the financial situation, well no one is going to stand up to Barca and say hold on can you afford him? They will get their money from somewhere and as soon as this deal gets done once again we will be branded a feeding club yet again.

I’m sorry but if at 23 years of age you are the highest earning player in the club, you’re the captain and this ’sinking ship club’ took you on from a very young age, gave you everything and made you for who you are now. You go through the seasons denying every single media hunt, you would think there is loyalty in the lad, something tells me he’s either shitting it and has no balls now or someone has got a lot of influence on him. I have always thought that person was Arsene, however I believe I’m very much mistaken now.

God knows I do not want him to leave but all this silly games make me feel he is definitely on his way…

Until next time my fellow Gooners!


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  1. chidi michael on Wed, 26th May 2010 9:51 pm 

    fabregas is very impotant to us we lovehim to sty,because we are still growing.

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  3. Edna on Sun, 20th Dec 2015 12:23 am 

    Spot on as usual Wrighty,Funny how the Neanderthals are voicing an oipnion. Reading what you say is correct the reason those Spud idiots are riding so high is because the big boys are not playing so well.Still mate like you I know that when the fat lady starts chirping they will all dissapear into their caves again.If they do have any decent players they will be sold off to the Mancs by next season you wait and see.What I really don’t get is how they spend time on a Gooner website, no way in the fucking world would I look into what they write. I mean one of them writes in fucking Klingon.They will always be jealous of us and thats a FACT.It took them 17 years to get a win at our place and all of a sudden they think they are a big Club. What a fucking screaqm them jokers are. With or without our so called hopeless Manager we will be in there at the seasons end.Up the Arse.El Tel

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