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Ok, so the title isn’t too imaginative, but let’s be totally honest, we did lose, we looked lost on the pitch and we appear more and more lost as a club. I am sure that you all saw the “game”, but a quick recap should get us all on the same page. I think that we can literally do this by the numbers: 8-2 – That was the final score today at The Theatre of Dreams. Ok, I know how much fun it is to call it “The Theatre of Debts”, but I am actually going to pay a far superior, far more... 

Young Lion Bars or just Kiddie Kats?

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Before we begin anything even reminiscent of a pre-match review, let’s get one thing out of the way… I am NOT a knee-jerk, sack the board, sack Arsene and burn the ground to, well, the ground kind of supporter of the mighty Arsenal. Yes, I am utterly passionate, to a fault I would suppose, but I would describe my relationship with Arsenal as a love/love relationship. I love them in the good times and I love them in the bad, regardless of how frustrating that may be. I live and die vicariously... 

Farewell Francesc Fabregas!

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It might sound odd, but a lot of Arsenal fans are probably glad to see the back of Cesc Fabregas. The transfer story surrounding him seems to have rumbled on for all eternity and some might even argue it has hampered Arsenal’s progress. That’s not to say that Fabregas has not given his all for the club when playing – but with a dream move to Barcelona in the back of his mind, you’d have to say his heart cannot have been fully in it. There is no doubt that Fabregas is a genuinely world class... 

Cesc will remain, Arsenal will go on!

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Even though he’s not gone yet I beleive this guy needs some praise for all he has done for our club, some may think it’s wrong some may say he deserves it and some may suggest he aint worth it. We all know this is one of the worst transfers sagas I have seen, however  I will not be bitter that he’s going I believe he did enough for us since being a 16 year old lad, no trophies in his cabinet but I was always proud of him. Fare well Cesc just for you old pal let the grass be greener... 

Poor defence holding Arsenal back?

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It might just be this writer’s nostalgia, and of course the game has changed over the last decade or so. But the repeatedly bad performances of a leaky defence grates someone who can remember that famous, air-tight well-regimented defence that would squeeze the life out of opposition attacks. Is it any co-incidence that since Tony Adams (if Parlour was the Romford Pele, then surely Adams was the Romford Bobby Moore) left the club, they have only won one title, compared to the four that he won during... 

Should Wilshere play this summer?

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Upon reading the headline of this article, the response can likely be summed up with one word. No. Jack Wilshere is being lined up to play for England’s under-21 side this summer in the European Championship, with England boss Fabio Capello and his U-21 counterpart Stuart Pearce eager to take full advantage of his talents and Premier League experience at the tournament in Denmark . Most will take the position that Wilshere is in danger of burning out in his breakthrough season, and would be better...